About us

My Story


Many people wonder why  ¨Bundles¨

The true story of this name was when I had my last child, who on one of his clothes had a mark that said Baby Bundles. It was then that I began to investigate this word because I simply liked it a lot and I already had the crazy idea of starting my own  business. 

Bundles means  (a collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together). That is why the name says it all: "Packages" of Beautiful Party Decorations.

This is a family company growing in this wonderful event and balloon decoration world. 


About Me 

My name is Yazmin Reyes. I'm Colombian and a mom of 4 wonderful kids, an event decorator and a balloon artist. I work in a teamwork environment with one of my sons  and my husband.

 This is my passion and a dream coming true. I started with this dream in 2019. During 2020 I took different training sessions doing the best capacitation's to offer better party decorations to my clients. I have many goals to achieve and I am on the right track, always training myself to give my  best.


My vision is to create unforgettable memories with your special dates, making beautiful decorations and  Balloon designs for those special events.

 I want to invite you to explore my art, because this is art. We can transform a place into the most amazing compositions that you can't imagine. Join us to discover this wonderful company of Party Decorations, you are at home.